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The Butterfly Effect
Twenty years ago a boy in Brussels named Fabian had an idea. Because of Fabian's idea, millions of people behave a little differently when nobody's watching them. Lives were mangled, fortunes made.
My new series for Audible - The Butterfly Effect - traces the consequences of Fabian's idea over a number of episodes. I can't tell you how many episodes yet because we're still making it. Like all butterfly effects, it goes to unexpected places.
I can tell you this: Fabian's idea was to give the world free porn.
This is a series about what happened when tech gurus took over porn. Much of it takes place in the San Fernando Valley. But it will go all over the place.
The pilot episode is already up. It's called A Nondescript Office Building In Montreal. We'll put the rest of the series up in the Spring of 2017, when it's all made. You can listen for free to the pilot episode if you have Amazon Prime or an Audible account:
To listen in the US: Click here.
To listen in the UK: Click here.
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